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Propagating From Mound Layering

Propagating From Mound Layering

Mound layering a simple way to propagate low, shrubby plants. With this technique, the shrub is partially buried in a mound of well drained soil mix. The buries stems will then sprout roots along their lengths. This method can provides many new plants with little effort. 

Mound layering should be initiated in spring, once new shoots begin to grow. Make a mound from a mixture of sand, peat moss, and soil over half or more of the plants. Leave the branch tips exposed. More soil can be mounded up over the course of the summer. Keep the mound moist, but not soggy. 

At the end of summer (or in the following season, for large plants) gently wash he mound away and detach the rooted branches Plant them out either directly where you want them or in a protected, temporary spot if you want to shelter them for the first winter.

Excerpt from "Tree & Shrub Gardening for Ohio" by Fred Hower and Alison Beck. Available for purchase here.

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Propagating From Ground Layering