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Growing Out-of-Zone Plants

Growing Out-of-Zone Plants

Here are some tips for growing out-of-zone plants:

  • Before planting, observe your garden on a frosty morning. Are there areas that escape frost? These are potential sites for tender plants.
  • Shelter tender plants from the prevailing wind.
  • Plant in groups to create wind-breaks and microclimates. Rhododendrons, for instance, grow better if planted in small groups or grouped with plants that have similar growing requirements.
  • Mulch young plants in fall with a thick layer of clean organic mulch, such as bark chips, shredded wood and bark, composted wood chips, composted leaves, or compost mixed with peat moss. 
  • Water thoroughly before the ground freezes and gain if needed during mid-winter that periods.

Excerpt from "Tree & Shrub Gardening for Ohio" by Fred Hower and Alison Beck. Available for purchase here.

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