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Propagating From Mound Layering
Propagating From Mound Layering
Propagating From Ground Layering
Propagating From Cuttings
Planning a Garden: Fast or Slow Growing
Fred's 9 Tips for Winter Gardening
When To Plant
Terms to Know When Purchasing Trees and Shrubs
Enhancing Winter Landscaping
Growing Out-of-Zone Plants
Fall Perennials to Cut Back and Leave Be
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Problems and Pests
Wednesday March 22
There are four steps in effective and responsible pest management. Cultural controls are far and away the most important. Physical controls should be attempted next, followed by biological controls. Resort to chemical controls only when the first three possibilities have been exhausted.  Cultural controls are…
Propagating From Mound Layering
Wednesday March 15
Mound layering a simple way to propagate low, shrubby plants. With this technique, the shrub is partially buried in a mound of well drained soil mix. The buries stems will then sprout roots along their lengths. This method can provides many new plants with little…
Propagating From Ground Layering
Wednesday March 08
Layering, and ground layering in particular, is the easiest method and the one most likely to produce successful results. Layering allows future cuttings to form their own roots before being detached from the parents plant. In ground layering, a section of a flexible branch is…
Propagating From Cuttings
Wednesday March 01
The easiest cutting propagation method for trees and shrubs is to start cuttings taken in the late summer or early fall from new, but mature, growth that has not yet become completely woody. These are called semi-ripe, semi-mature, or semi-hardwood cuttings. Follow these steps to…
Planning a Garden: Fast or Slow Growing
Monday February 27
Growth rate and lifespan, though not really aesthetic features of woody plants, are nonetheless important aspects to consider when planning a garden. A fast-growing tree or shrub that grows 24" or more a year will mature quickly and can be used to fill in space in…

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