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Tree Talk with Chris Ahlum 11-11-17

Fred talks trees with special guest Chris Ahlum of Ahlum and Arbor Tree Preservation. Brought to you by HYGROWPONICS

Fall Cleanup & Spring Prep 11-4-17

Topic this week: Fall cleanup and prep for Spring. Brought to you by HYGROWPONICS

Surviving Winter 10-28-17

Fred discusses how to get your plants to survive winter on this edition of Plant Talk. Brought to you by HYGROWPONICS


Fall Planting with Jim Toney 10-21-17

Jim Toney from Growing Solutions Garden Center talks about Fall planting and transplanting. Brought to you by HYGROWPONICS

Listener Fall Gardening Questions 10-14-17

Fred answers some listener Fall gardening questions. Brought to you by HYGROWPONICS

Fall To-Dos 10-07-17

Fred talks Fall to-do's: plant, water, and mulch. Brought to you by HYGROWPONICS

Mums 9-30-17

Fred gives tips for helping your Mums stay beautiful in the Fall and survive the Winter to bloom again next year.  Brought to you by HYGROWPONICS. 

Hibiscus Care 9-23-17

Fred talks growing tips and hibiscus care on this edition of Plant Talk. Brought to you by HYGROWPONICS. 

Fall Planting 9-16-17

Fred gives tips on Fall planting and pruning. Brought to you by HYGROWPONICS.

Garden Workshop 9-9-17

Fred talks over what he learned at the 84th Annual Ohio Plant Diagnostic Workshop on this edition of Plant Talk. Brought to you by Brought to you by HYGROWPONICS