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Plant Talk Radio with Fred Hower - The Ohio Nurseryman

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Brilliant July Blooms 7-29-17

Fred gives advice for some spectacular July blooms. Brought to you by HYGROWPONICS

Fruit Trees 7-22-17

Fred discusses the various fruit trees starting to bear on this edition of Plant Talk. Brought to you by HYGROWPONICS

Summer Pruning 7-15-17

Fred talks about some of the flowering plants to prune and pinch off during the summer months. Brought to you by HYGROWPONICS 

Your Plant Questions 7-8-17

Fred takes some questions on this edition of Plant Talk. Brought to you by HYGROWPONICS 

Dog Days of Summer 7-1-17

Fred discusses the dog days of summer and how to prep your plants for the heat. Brought to you by HYGROWPONICS